There are people in there


I have no intention of rushing today. I arrive in London in about an hour, at which point the day of meetings, teleconferences and making ‘value add’ observations begins, but only after a flat white at an overpriced independent coffee house.

This evening, I meet up with a well know Agile Guru. In my industry this is fast becoming shorthand for Individual with common sense who understands that organisations are formed of real people.

It should be interesting.  He is a prolific author and (I am told) an impressive speaker. In a way I am more interested in how his ideas land in the minds of some of my colleagues and clients rather than the detail of what he has to say.  If for one moment they consider that the most complex part of their organisation is the interactions between people, then the session will be valuable.


“I work for an organisation, focussed on delivering excellent digital experiences, conceived, created and supported by talented resources globally.”  I hear a similar phrase every day.  Love or hate the corporate vernacular, but don’t forget, there are people in there.

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